What is LA-HO-CHI ?



LA-HO-CHI is a laying on of hands healing system which utilizes energy. More specifically, it utilizes the energy of a group of angels known as the LA-HO-CHI. It can transform the deepest pain, be it spiritual, emotional, mental, or physical. LA-HO-CHI can heal the pain caused by illness, trauma, or even memories of abuse. It is believed to be the purest form of healing energy yet known to us and has the power to heal a broken bone.

In addition to a laying on of hands, LA-HO-CHI can be used to send distance healing. All that is required to send this healing energy is verbal direction and intent. Remember, that all distance healing energy passes through us in order to reach its destination, and therefore, should be done sparingly.

In addition to healing, LA-HO-CHI has many unique qualities: it can heal, it can assist people attain a higher consciousness, it can help make people aware of who he/she truly is and what his/her healing gifts are.

LA-HO-CHI utilizes the "Chi" (life force) energetically to restructure the blueprint of the etheric (vital) body which can then align the physical body to perfect health. Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing occurs on an inner level through the balancing of the life force and the chakras using modalities of reiki, energetics, acupuncture, herbal essences, gemstones, colors, massage therapy, or sacred geometry. As a practitioner, all you must do is be an open conduit; Spirit will direct any or all of these modalities. Each healing session is perfectly tailor-made for each client; Spirit directs the right energies and the right modalities in the right sequence to the right spots in the client’s body where healing is most needed at that particular time. Thus, each client gets the exact healing that they need.

Medical professionals generally deal just with the physical body, overlooking non-physical root causes of disease, focusing mainly on their effects, and treating only the symptoms. Vibrational (energy) healing energy refers to working on the energetic body and the etheric energy blueprint. The etheric body is a more subtle aspect of the physical body. Disease actually appears in the vital body before it manifests in the physical body. Disease can start in any of the higher bodies or in the chakras. By working with the etheric body, the practitioner can affect the physical, change it, and get closer to the cause of the disease or discomfort. LA-HO-CHI can, therefore, clear the deepest layers of the root cause.

The body has meridians of energy. There are 14 energy "channels," twelve organ meridians and two central meridians. One of the central meridians is on the front of the body and the other is on the back. They meet inside the mouth, underneath the top lip. There are six meridians on each side of the body, six yin meridians and six yang meridians, the pathways for the subtle energy in the etheric body. These meridians interconnect through the organs into the physical body.

LA-HO-CHI was discovered in 1991 by Michael David Lawrence. He asked Spirit for a better way to heal and the LA-HO-CHI came forward. Since that time, the LA-HO-CHI has been passed down to Karuna Reiki® Masters since they are more adept at handling the energy. This energy is very powerful and is not recommended for anyone who is not a Usui and Karuna Reiki® Master.


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